Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Last Polaroid

DIY fireworks night

Nikki & I: sleepless night of madness

Fashion Party

Nikkis 21st at Tayyabs

My 21st

Mexican Canterbury Reunion

Birthday Love!

Moustache Box

Nina Cosford

Marin Matsuo

Jess Walker & Katherine White

Bonnie Moriarty

Moira's Mexicanese 21st

My beautiful and hilarious double-sided A1 birthday card from Tom Cole, James Lancett, Eve Lloyd Knight, Jason Munro, Tim O'Leary and Ben Tobitt x

(James spelt my name wrong)

wall decoration by Ciara Monahan

Party game
Draw a penis on Moira, blindfolded

A Naked Experiement

Experimental Life Drawing on Friday 19th February 2010
Model: Dwain

Saturday, 20 February 2010


A Get Well Soon card for my 84 year old Grandad
to be posted to Hong Kong