Wednesday, 12 May 2010


candy girl in Amsterdam

sixites siren
experimental collage
Olivia Lancaster

Self (dodgy hand)
spare-time painting
i miss using acrylic


Ben Tobitt said...


Sam Falconer said...

second one from the top is the best painting in the world, do some more of them!!!

Moira Lam said...

thanks sam, what praise! ill paint you looking seductive next. ive actually lost that painting, i think someone stole it from 1st year when i left my portfolio in mark and janes office

Joe Sparrow said...

that acrylic one at the bottom is superb. i'd probably pay for one of those.

Moira Lam said...

thanks joe! you dont mind the crippled fingers? (need to rework that) i would like to paint more, animation leaves no time for such luxuries.